lundi 22 novembre 2010

Here is the luxury condom

While Pope Benoît XVI seems to have opened a breach on the question of the condom, we present you the only luxury condom: The Original Condom.
At the origin of this project, two childhood friends: SAR prince Charles-Emmanuel of Bourbon-Parma and count Gil of Bizemont. To the internship, both friends decided that condoms must not be any more hidden in a drawer, but proudly exposed on the bedside table.
The condom, wrapped in a black packaging now, came two dollars. The dress handkerchief of 3 condoms in black imitation suede is sold 13,50$. But the top rest the case inspired by the jewelry sold 20$ with 6 condoms. Products answer the main standards, NF in particular, current.
The Original Condom also joins in an ecological and humanitarian initiative. In summary: "Safe Sex with elegance, smart, and eco-aware, "promises the brand products of which are not even available at the moment there

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