lundi 8 novembre 2010

Drink the champagne with G.H. Mumm

Christmas and new Year holidays are a beautiful opportunity for the various brands which decide to make us discover to this opportunity of the more sublime limited editions oh champagne. 

This time it's the tour of G.H. Mumm to make us discover the fruit of its partnership with the big designer Patrick Jouin. Its name: the Sabre G.H. Mumm!

You will have understood it : this year its going to need to cut down the champagne.

Here is the unique object which marries perfectly the leather of red color of it, in the resistance of a steel blade with square end. Tinged with white, the steel part, is neither sharp, nor cutting. Highly-rated signature, its marked with the seal of the house G.H. Mumm whereas the signature of the creator is deposited on the blade.

This edition is presented in a lacquered as pure as the driven snow, wooden casket and a leather, joining) a tub freshness, specially conceived to receive ice and maintain the bottle of Cordon R.

Price : 600€ (835$)

38 commentaires:

  1. more of a champagne fan in the new year

  2. Wow ... that is one pricey bottle!!! OMG

  3. wow, I was considering on getting it as a gift until I saw the price.

  4. Maybe I will get this for the holidays :D

  5. nice, looking forward to the next update

  6. Good post! Looking forward to reading you next one

  7. i like drinking champagne but this looks too classy for me!